Welcome to the Quinn Organic Research Center

The Research Center strives to explore cutting-edge ideas on the high plains of Montana. It is located on the Quinn Organic Farm in Big Sandy, Montana, within the famed Golden Triangle. The experiments are conducted on small acreage in an effort to determine how a farm family can make a comfortable living on fewer acres. Current experiments include oilseeds for fuel and lubricants, storage and fresh vegetables, crop rotations, green manures, and weed management. Click here for a list of our research.

Current Research

Dry land storage vegetables - This season our winter squash never quite took off, though the potatoes did quite well, once again. The onions were very successful as well.

Dry land fresh vegetables - Like the winter squash, the summer squash and sweet corn had a hard time with the cooler summer. New this year were eggplant, tomatoes, leeks, and bush beans.